Big Ole Pot of Chili

After a long weekend of cold, rainy weather, I was ready for some good comfort food. Chili is one of my go-to meals because it’s so rich in flavor and easy to make. I use a super simple chili recipe as a start up point, but I make a lot of my own adjustments based on my taste preference. The basic ingredients you need is a 1-2 pounds of lean ground beef (I’ve also made a healthier version with ground turkey), chopped onions, can of stewed tomatoes, can of tomato sauce, can of chili or kidney beans, and chili powder.

For my personal chili, I like to add a bit more to the recipe. For example, this time around I add some chopped bell peppers, fresh chopped tomatoes, minced garlic, cumin powder, oregano powder, and cinnamon powder to my chili. I honestly don’t ever measure any of my ingredients (especially the spices) out for my chili, it’s all based on my taste. But, it’s important to remember to give time for the chili to simmer (30-60 minutes) because that’s when the real flavors come through. This step is crucial in building flavor and the amazing smell fills your whole place, talk about torture. Here’s the finished product.

photo 1photo 2

I added some shredded sharp cheddar cheese and saltine crackers to my chili. Also, chili is a great meal to make because the recipe makes a lot of servings so you can have either a lot of leftovers for yourself, or share it with the roomies. My roomies gave me a thumbs up on this chili and it was all gone after just a day =]


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