What to Do With Bad Bananas

As much as I love bananas, I don’t love how fast they ripen/go bad. Before college, if our bananas got brown and squishy, my family would just throw them out. But coming to college, I realized how much of a waste of money that is when there are actually a lot of things you can make with ripened bananas.

At my apartment, my roommates and I love to bake banana chocolate chip muffins. This week we used four bad bananas to make two batches of these muffins.


Ripened bananas are perfect for this recipe and even though we ate all of our muffins, you can always freeze them so they don’t go bad and you can warm them up and eat them at a later time.

Other great ways to use ripened bananas? Smoothies! When my bananas get too ripe for my liking, I chop them up into little coins and place them into Tupperware and freeze them. You can either pair the bananas with other frozen fruit like strawberries and mangoes, and add juice. Or add the frozen bananas with some almond milk and peanut butter for a banana-peanut butter milkshake. Both are so good!

Another awesome way to use the ripened bananas is in a low-calorie, flourless pancake. I learned this recipe from a Blogilates post. The recipe is only two ingredients, yep that’s right, only TWO and the best part is no sugar needed either! The ripened bananas make the pancakes sweet enough that I didn’t use syrup either.

So before you throw out those browning bananas, try one of these ideas first! It won’t just save you money, but will most likely satisfy that sweet tooth. ;]


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