Build Your Own (Cheap) Burger

College towns have endless American-styled restaurants, sports bars, and fast-food restaurants around campus that can serve up a mean burger. For my Iowa City girls, Short’s Burgers is a definite must-try! But knowing from experience, going out to eat can add up real quick.

With the price of one burger meal ($8-$10) I get at my favorite burger joints, I made five burgers in my apartment. I always have bulk ground beef in my freezer so I just defrosted about 1 pound of it and then mixed in diced onions, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce into the meat for flavor. But season your meat with whatever your preference is.


Here’s some helpful tips I learned from watching the Food Network (I’m obsessed with watching food shows), add a splash of milk to your meat to prevent it from falling apart while you’re cooking. Also to get an even patty, make a dimple in your patties, meaning the sides are higher than the center.

The best part about making your own burgers at home? You can top them with whatever you want! Don’t feel like you have to go out to buy anything. I just used what I already had at home. On my burger, I topped it with onions (my favorite topping for burgers), tomato slices, and spinach (I was out of lettuce). Also, because I didn’t want to go buy buns, I used bagel thins I already had, again find substitutes in your meals whenever possible to save money. Another alternative to not having buns is using sandwich bread or just eating the burgers without a bun (cuts out the carbs).


And there we have it, cheap, easy, and super-fast burgers that can serve as a great lunch or dinner. For me, it will be for the next two days, yum.


2 thoughts on “Build Your Own (Cheap) Burger

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