Shopping Style Steals: Goodwill

Fall is here and winter is quickly approaching (yikes), so it’s time to layer up. I’m obsessing over chunky knitted sweaters and cardigans this season and to go to one of my favorite stores to find some. If you have never shopped at Goodwill before, you need to. Don’t be freaked out that the clothes are “used” or “old”. I look at it as a chance to have something “vintage” that none of your friends will have.

photo 3 (1)

Look at these super cute sweaters/cardigans I was able to find. Also, I may have strayed away from the sweater racks a bit but thank god I did because I found a vintage satchel that I am so excited about. I bet you can’t guess how much these items cost all together.

Only $16.68!!! The two white sweaters and the bag were just $3.38 each and the gray sweater was $6.68. Now tell me where else you could find a better deal than that, because you can’t. Goodwill isn’t just limited to clothes, but they also sell shoes, books, home furniture and decor, movies, jewelry, basically anything you can think of and all at ridiculous low prices. Next time I go, I’m planning on looking for some decoration to put on my desk. Be on the lookout for that post.


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