DIY Decoration Teaser

I love being able to personalize your own space. In two weeks, I will be posting a multimedia package of ways to decorate a college apartment. But before I do that I wanted to give you a little taste of something I have in my room at home in Des Moines. A great way to make your room your own and on a budget is by creating your own wall art.

photo (7)

I painted this water color photo of a flower in my eighth grade art class and still have it hanging up in my room (you can probably even see my signature in the bottom right corner). Although I was able to use materials from my class, buying paint and paper/canvases is cheap compared to buying artwork at a store. So don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment with making your own art. Imagine how proud you will feel when people ask where you got the picture.

So there’s a glimpse of some personal artwork I’ve kept over the years and hung up, but look out for my DIY How-to Video of an art project I plan to make for my apartment.


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