College Cribs and DIY Decoration Projects

            The best part about moving away from home or even moving into a new apartment during college is being able to personalize your living space. While decorating can be really expensive if you go out and buy everything new, there are a lot of ways to save money and to make things yourself with DIY projects. In this very special multimedia post, I’ve included an audio slideshow I like to call “College Cribs” which is a play on the MTV show where celebrities give you a tour of their homes. But instead of celebrities, two female students from the University of Iowa will be giving you a tour of their apartments. In addition, I made my first DIY tutorial on how to make a glitter vase out of an empty wine bottle. Finally, I have put together my list of “Best DIY Projects for College Homes” with the use of Storify. I have worked really hard on this post so I hope you all like it! And if you don’t, just tell me you do anyway.

 In this edition of “College Cribs” we will be getting a tour from Taylor Dalbey, a junior Communications student, and Amanda Krook, a junior Health and Human Physiology student.  Both girls attend the University of Iowa and actually live in the same apartment complex in downtown Iowa City (right next to each other too).  I thought it would be interesting to see the difference of decoration and atmosphere even though Taylor and Amanda live in the same apartment complex with an almost identical floor plan. As you will see in the slideshow, the way Taylor, Amanda, and their roommates decorate their rooms represent aspects of their personality, and specific items of their apartment have background stories that no one but they would understand. Just goes to show how simply decorating your college home has way more meaning than you might think.

DIY picstitch


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