Shopping Style Steals: Tanger Outlet

So if you’re like me, you have been spending the last two weeks working on final projects, papers, and studying for finals. I HATE FINALS WEEK! Ugh, it’s the most stressful time of the school semester but don’t worry, you’re almost done! Anyway, yesterday I needed a little study break and what did I choose to do? Shopping, of course!

Instead of going to the mall close to my school in Iowa City, I drove about 20 minutes to a town called Williamsburg, IA where there is a Tanger Outlet Center. If you have never been to an outlet center before, it’s basically a little plaza with discount outlets for brand name stores. While the plan was to get some Christmas shopping done for my family, I may or may not have bought a few items for myself. I can never say no to a good sale…sigh.


I bought a lot more than this but I can’t post what the other things are because they’re gifts for other people ;] But here are a few things I got for myself.

Ralph Lauren Baseball Caps: $10

 Okay I had only planned on buying one for $14.99 which is already such a steal since normally these caps are $35 for one but when I checked out there was an additional discount so I had to grab another one (obviously). I don’t know if it’s popular at other college campuses but I see a lot of girls wear them to class. I wear it over a messy low bun when I’m having a not-so-pretty hair day. I highly suggest it because they come in a bunch of different colors and I like how they come in solid colors so it’s easy to match with.

J. Crew Statement Necklace: $9.99

So I’m obsessed with everything in J. Crew but clearly with my college budget, I can barely afford a pair of socks in that store. But thankfully J. Crew Outlet has an AMAZING holiday special right now, 50% off everything in the store and then an additional 20% on top of that. Again, I bought a few other things but just the necklace for myself which was marked down at $24.50 so I got 50% off that, and another 20% at checkout. So worth it, this necklace is to die for, I’m planning to wear it with a black dress for New Years Eve!

Nike Running Shorts: $7.50 

I love the running shorts offered at Nike but they are so expensive (usually around $40-$50) that I can never afford them. Winter is a great time to cop a pair since they are usually marked down because of the cold weather. I resisted and only let myself by one pair but after seeing how comfy they are, I am tempted to go back to get some more…

I seriously wish I could post about all the other deals I found because they really did seem too good to be true. So if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, I highly recommend taking a break from studying (shopping relieved a lot of my stress) and checking out an outlet center before you decide to head to the mall or order gifts online. I took the chance, and it absolutely paid off. I might even head back to the outlet center again on my way home to Des Moines for winter break.

We’ve reached the homestretch of this semester (it seriously flew), good luck on finals everyone! Not that any of you need it ;]


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