Pinterest Projects: Christmas Reindeer Glitter Art

December is here (can’t believe it), which officially marks the start of the most wonderful time of the year! What a better way to get into the holiday spirit than to decorate your college space with fun (and affordable) Christmas decorations.

Although I found about 973429 cute DIY ideas to choose from on Pinterest, I decided on making an easy glitter reindeer art piece I saw in a pin by Bliss at Home.

deer materials


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How I Lost the Weight

As promised on my #transformationtuesday Instagram photo from yesterday, I am going to share how I lost more than fifteen pounds (probably losing that freshman fifteen finally) since this past July.

I would just like to start off by saying that I am not the type of girl to post a bunch of pictures of myself in a bikini for all of social media to see. And I honestly spent a good hour debating whether to post my before and after Picstitch (I texted my sister and boyfriend for their opinion) because again, it’s so unlike me and I am so awkward with that kind of stuff.

photo (9)


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DIY Decoration Teaser

I love being able to personalize your own space. In two weeks, I will be posting a multimedia package of ways to decorate a college apartment. But before I do that I wanted to give you a little taste of something I have in my room at home in Des Moines. A great way to make your room your own and on a budget is by creating your own wall art.

photo (7)

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Black Friday 2013

To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of Black Friday. Crowds of people and waiting in lines has kept me from participating for a few years now but I did make one stop this year. I am confused to why people call it “Black Friday” anymore since most stores and shopping malls open earlier than midnight on Thanksgiving anyways. But, that was my incentive to stop by Target with my mom and cousins since it opened at 8 pm.



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Favorite Fitness Videos

Working out is tough enough as it is but with this cold Midwest weather in Iowa this week, I’m finding it harder and harder to get to the gym. Thank god for the internet and Youtube. Here are some of my absolute favorite workout videos that work your arms, legs, booty, and abs, all from the comfort of your own home. Not only will you beat the snow, but it’s also the cheapest alternative to not having a gym membership since it’s free. Woo-hoo!

Arms: Victoria Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout 

Legs/Booty: Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge

Abs: P90x Ab Ripper X 

I promise you will be burning and sweating during these videos but challenge yourself! They have changed my body and toned me up. Also, special shout out to Cassey Ho and Blogilates for all of her workout videos. I linked to two of my personal favorites, but there are many more on her blog so check it out! Her squat challenge is a great workout to do for bed, I’m actually about to do it right now. Let me know what you think of the workouts, hope they work you as hard as they do for me.

Goodnight Babes!

Shopping Style Steals: Goodwill

Fall is here and winter is quickly approaching (yikes), so it’s time to layer up. I’m obsessing over chunky knitted sweaters and cardigans this season and to go to one of my favorite stores to find some. If you have never shopped at Goodwill before, you need to. Don’t be freaked out that the clothes are “used” or “old”. I look at it as a chance to have something “vintage” that none of your friends will have.

photo 3 (1)

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Build Your Own (Cheap) Burger

College towns have endless American-styled restaurants, sports bars, and fast-food restaurants around campus that can serve up a mean burger. For my Iowa City girls, Short’s Burgers is a definite must-try! But knowing from experience, going out to eat can add up real quick.

With the price of one burger meal ($8-$10) I get at my favorite burger joints, I made five burgers in my apartment. I always have bulk ground beef in my freezer so I just defrosted about 1 pound of it and then mixed in diced onions, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce into the meat for flavor. But season your meat with whatever your preference is.


Here’s some helpful tips I learned from watching the Food Network (I’m obsessed with watching food shows), add a splash of milk to your meat to prevent it from falling apart while you’re cooking. Also to get an even patty, make a dimple in your patties, meaning the sides are higher than the center.

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What to Do With Bad Bananas

As much as I love bananas, I don’t love how fast they ripen/go bad. Before college, if our bananas got brown and squishy, my family would just throw them out. But coming to college, I realized how much of a waste of money that is when there are actually a lot of things you can make with ripened bananas.

At my apartment, my roommates and I love to bake banana chocolate chip muffins. This week we used four bad bananas to make two batches of these muffins.


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Most Memorable Hair Moments : The Braid

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 11.35.06 AM

When I think of a simple yet versatile hairstyle, braids are the first thing that comes to mind. Not only are braids an extremely inexpensive way to style hair, but thanks to the creation of Youtube, learning the 9874398274 different variations on the hairstyle is as easy as can be. Here’s a timeline I made to demonstrate some of the earliest displays of braids in history and some of my other favorite memorable braid moments in recent years which shows the evolution of this timeless hairstyle. It’s safe to say braids are here to stay. Enjoy!

Memorable Braid Moments